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Born in Los Angeles, Eran was raised in a small town called Apple Valley, California. Coming from a family of four, at the age of 12 she began cutting the hair of her two younger brothers. It wasn't long after that she would be cutting for family, and friends in the neighborhood. There she realized her natural skill, and true love for the craft, and decided to take it to the next level.

After graduating barber college in 2009, Eran moved to Fontana California and worked at a barbershop called Luv'd Ones Barbershop. After living and working in Fontana for two years, she wanted a change of pace, and moved to Los Angeles California. Over a span of 8 years she has worked at local shops; Trendsetters Barbershop, Legends The Barbershop, an all female shop; Ninth Chapter Barbershop, to lastly, Royal Flush LA.

Through trials and tribulations she developed an awareness of what it means to run a shop effectively, as well as how to avoid major pitfalls. In her wisdom, Eran began creating ideas that supported her ideals and values of a healthy working environment.  It was then that the desire to have her own barbershop began to grow.


In the process of shaping this vision, the idea of having a barbershop in an Airstream came about.

" Well that's a brilliant idea. Classic! "

Whilst still working at Royal Flush LA, September of 2018 she purchased her first Airstream. It was a 1967 Airstream Overlander. Being reluctant about its size, she decided to go smaller. By March of 2019, it was sold. As she did more research, she gained intelligence on how to inspect Airstream more thoroughly, what to look for and things to avoid.


Coming in from Marion Kansas, June of 2019 was Airstream number two. A 1964 Airstream Safari, it was complete. Mid-door model, shutter windows, great body and frame. Everything Eran had wanted and some. Not two weeks passed before she learned that due to California State Board of Barbering & Cosmetology Rules and Regulations, in order to have a mobile barbershop it must be in compliance with certain guidelines. One of those guidelines being that the body of the trailer must be a minimum of 24 feet long. No exceptions. Well the newly Airstream Safari was a total of 22 feet long, making it 2 feet too short. Eran, disappointment and frustrated, wished that she had noticed this detail sooner. But through disappointment, she noticed an insatiable will to keep going. And with the endless support of family and loved ones, she kept the momentum.

" The vision is bigger than me ... "

They say "three is a charm." After tirelessly searching, July of 2019 came Airstream number three. Abandoned in the desert of Gila Bend Arizona was, 1962 Airstream Overlander. It's condition; rusted, missing wheels, broken windows, bird nests, rat feces, just to name a few. This trailer has a whole story within its self. And what Eran went through to get it, was no walk in the park. However she seen it's potential from the beginning. After jumping through many hoops, alas she finally gets it home. End of August 2019 her instrumental team at 395 Custom Trailers in Victorville California, and Joe Grescovich of Design Social started building this trailer from the ground up. 


While in this process, Dec of 2019 she decided to leave Royal Flush LA, opening her first small boutique barbershop in a neighborhood she had become familiar with, in Los Angeles California. There Eran discovered a new found peace, witnessing how environment is everything. Right away she began creating the nurturing space she always imagined. While the Airstream Barbershop is being built, this is where she will be, blessing Crowns.

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photo by G L Askew ii


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